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What Are The Problems With Computers?

The more you progress in your physical functions, the more your mind begins to slow down. I think it’s a way to prepare for retirement! As Einstein pointed out, this drop in speed is relative. With the body slowing down, everything seems faster around him. Children run like birds that go from branch to branch. Cars, watches, trains and days go faster.

Now, even though I’m only half my age, strange things have started to happen. I may be quite at ga-ga, but over the years, things have not accelerated at all – in fact, I slowed down. I mean something electronic.

During the last millennium, I had a PC under DOS. When you run it, you have arrived. Well, the only program I downloaded is the built-in DOS program, but downloading a spreadsheet from a floppy disk takes only a few seconds – and you’re done. At the moment, my computer needs a lot of notice. Press the button and go make coffee. I think that should be mandatory. The computers must be programmed so that once you press the “Execute” button, the message reads: “Go now and get some coffee” (in the second thought, you can add two minutes more to start the time, forget it so). Oh, and my printer? What happened there? It’s worse. Print the first document of the day is a big event. I tend to invite neighbors to have tea and cake and to hold a party in the printer while waiting.

problems with computers

This problem is not limited to my computer. It seems like your TV takes forever to start. Even my radio takes longer than usual to work. In my local grocery store, it seems that the passage of products through the clouds takes even more time. When I pay with a credit card, a full queue of buyers is suspended while the system calls the bank for permission (maybe it’s just me – maybe I’m guilty).

Have you already mentioned the car? Is not it? It is another victim of progress. I used to run the key and would just start. At the moment, many aircraft systems are activated and ask me to “please wait” with a beautiful voice.

Yes, I am simpler – yes, I know that some of these tools can do a lot more than before. However, am I completely unreasonable? I still do the same things with my computer as 30 years ago. I use the same basic functions: word processing, spreadsheet and database. I know it’s boring, but that’s all I want and all I want, so the notebooks we took today are pretty spoiled, I’m afraid. I recognize that I have a personal computer to play music or watch DVDs, but I was quite capable of listening to music on CD before my computer danced and came alone (or cassettes and vinyl if we return often). I can also watch movies on video.


Well, then maybe I left leaving my argument a bit unbalanced. Go away slightly. I will accept personal computers with all graphics, security checks and other tools. I will also accept cars, radios, cameras and compact microcaps TVs designed to enrich my experience with these devices. But please, can anyone solve the problem of making it work once it is executed – as before

Some electrical things always work immediately – once connected. For example, light bulbs … except, of course, long life bulbs. Ah, I thought of a kettle. That really comes once you plug it in, right? There is something else: a product works better than ever and always works when plugged in: it’s our own fly insecticide. Insectocutor has been manufacturing killer machines since the 1960s. They are strong and built to last. They work by attracting flies using an ultraviolet lamp. The flies are then killed in contact with an electrified grid or a very strong sticky panel. For example, the IND41 is an industrial product that can fly up to 350 square meters. The good news is that Insectocutor achieves this and that television companies do not have personal computers. You can only imagine that the flies are queuing up to kill, circling the room in the style of the airport stack, while the machine needs time to warm up, saying, “Go serve yourself a sweet coffee.

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