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J2ME Developers and Programmers

If you think the current gaming technology is too hot, they say “you have not seen anything yet”. Wireless or portable games are the future and the future now. In 2004, the technology of mobile gaming exploded, which redefined the mobile phone as a gaming device. The graphic quality of the handsets was equal to that of GameStations and GameCubes in the 1990s and was available everywhere, as well as developers games like Synergetix and It Alive! They were on everyone’s radar screen.

Now, after only a year, real-time multiplayer games, some of which offer high-quality 3D graphics, can be played on most communication networks at prices that do not put you in a stalemate. No one can be on the brink of haemorrhage, so the adult entertainment industry is coming out of PDAs and mobile-based games, including game programs and a variety of role-based and moving games , during which many exciting women lose their clothes. The graphics, as they say, are amazing. Peek under the guise of technology

J2ME Developers and Programmers

While the average gamer may be unaware of the technology that governs the wireless gaming industry, some of the geeks among us are familiar with terms such as J2ME, Symbian, and Brew, the development and distribution platforms on which the game is based. wireless gaming industry.

J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) is derived from Sun Miccomputer’s JAVA development platform. J2ME is specifically designed to create applications that run on portable and wireless devices, including mobile phones and PDAs. It also finds wide acceptance among companies developing TV applications and many new embedded devices that are swamping consumer and industrial markets.

BREW, another QUALCOMM development language, also provides a development platform for the wireless industry. BREW states that the notoriety is that the developer can write applications independently of the device and that they do not need to be re-assembled for different handset manufacturers.

J2ME Developers and Programmers 1

The SYMBIAN operating system may be the most widely used operating system in the market for wireless phones that support gaming. It includes all handset manufacturers and supports SYMBIAN J2ME, BREW, C ++ and JAVA.

So what future for these high-tech films that are still in their infancy?

According to industry analysts Frost & Sullivan, “the global mobile gaming industry, which generated $ 436.4 million in 2002, will reach $ 9.34 billion in 2008”. Asia is at the center of the explosion of wireless games, with about 500 million wireless subscribers and two players on one in five wireless networks.

Some gurus of the game predict that the convergence of GPS and wireless gaming technology will result in live role-playing games tailored to the player’s actual position and will include special geographic scenarios that change as the player moves to new ones. locations.

Based on the progress of the last two years alone, the future of wireless gaming may well be the most profitable technology and employment of the 21st century.

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