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How To Start Computer Information Support Business

Starting a computer support company is something that almost anyone can do with some experience and training. As an owner of an independent IT support company and a website to help other users, I thought it would be nice to specify the steps needed to start a business and help users at home. to acquire start. To start the business, you have to follow four steps.

Business License

Each area is different, but the legal aspect is always important and gives credibility to your business. Get your business license and get insurance in case something goes wrong, such as lost business data stuck on you.

Business cards

Of course, you need a calling card. I know a little businessman who a long time ago understood that his business was increasing by $ 1 per month for each business card he came out. Go to Staples or Office Depot as they offer low prices for 500 or 1000 cards with some customization.


The bulk of your activity will come from circulars that you will place in various places. Put flyers wherever possible. I went to supermarkets, bulletin boards in large corporations and small real estate and mortgage offices. Your best success will come in offices where many independent people work with their home computer not supported at work.

How To Start Computer Information Support Business

Computer software

There is no way around that. Over time, you will find excellent software to diagnose problems and solve them. Two of my favorite CDs for support are the ultimate boot disk as well as the ultimate Windows boot disk. Both of these are free CDs to download and include a lot of free software that will help you. These two CDs start automatically, which is fine, but you can also create a disk over time containing software that you can run directly from Windows.


A website is critical. You do not need something really smooth, but you need a site for marketing and for people to contact you or ask others to contact you. The basic information on the site should be your email address, your phone number, the services you offer and perhaps a menu of services that you offer. You will find that you do not have to prove how much better you are than everyone else, because word of mouth can move very quickly.

Some skills are also very important to starting your business:

Strong window skills

This can not be overestimated. The person who has a thorough knowledge of the operation of different parts of Windows is the one who can diagnose and solve the problem faster. Although you want to have many billable hours, you want to be sure you do not try to find a solution, your customers will lose confidence in your ability and you will feel bad for taking so much time to solve a problem. Keep up to date with great discussion forums like those of, as well as others with many corrections. In addition, it is important to know the Windows startup process and how Local Group Policy works. I do not like to say it, but over the years, my mother’s computer has taught me more to use than my own computers, because it does not pay as much attention as I do to the operation of my computer. ‘a computer. Keep in mind that most users will have no idea how their computer has crashed. Your own verification questions are often better than just dive directly into troubleshooting. Finally, know what each process is doing on a running PC and understand what to do in case of error in the machine’s error logs, these are always valuable. You can get an error diagnosis from the logs too.

Start Computer Information Support Business

Knowledge of the virus

Keep up to date with the latest viruses and their impact on computers. A very small number of viruses represent a large percentage of infections, and once you have isolated the way a virus has ravaged the disaster, you will be able to get rid of it quickly and get the machine up and running properly. I also use Internet Storm Center for this type of information. When you have a client configured with an antivirus, choose a favorite like Norton or McAfee instead of a free antivirus so that the user is not

Learn Spyware

These are really tough. I follow spyware only by searching for the web and trying to find the resources I use to get rid of spyware. Also, when you use Adaware or Spybot, you’ll get a good chance to see what people are getting regularly. I used to see a lot of you, but the most aggressive spyware programs are in your hands. Whenever you run a customer, but it is best practice to make a mistake.

Knowledge About Log

No one expects you to know the facts, but make sure you are very familiar with the subject and the machine is the most customized part of the registry. Also note the keys that are affected by various spyware and viruses. I often find that I can not find a solution to the problem that I want to use in my system. Again, the more you know the record, the better your situation will be when you fix problems.

Hardware knowledge

I have a certificate of A + from previous years You should be at least a PC to scratch, where do you want to go from there? There are many websites that specialize in each component of your computer so Google is the best bet to find information. Another great resource is the Maximum PC because they always have up-to-date news on the latest hardware and software. A couple of good sites that I frequent

Keep up with the latest news

This should go without saying. One of the best ways to start a day in my eyes (I know I should have converted to I did not!) And opening up, Marketing

One thing that I just touched so far is marketing. After you have the skills, the most important thing you can do to market your business. There are a few things besides releases. You can do this by going to the local bookshop in the computer section, sending articles to the local newspaper and hoping to publish them, and finally to the local grocery store. In the most common marketing, you must join the local chamber of commerce, volunteer to do business with local charities, place ads in any local newspapers, especially free newspapers, and make sure you communicate with other people in the industry.

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