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Have 5 Reasons to Need Wireless Network

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best inventions in history – it’s really the best thing since sliced ??bread. I mean, really, that is easy to cut yourself, but have you tried to connect to a network? So, in the spirit of spreading the word, I will give you a few reasons why you need a wireless network.

Sharing access to the Internet.

Wireless networks give you a connection between multiple computers, eliminating the need for more than one modem. You can even add your computers to your network simply by plugging into a wireless card and turning it on – they get a direct Internet connection! There are not many wired networks that can say that.

Have 5 Reasons to Need Wireless Network

Sharing files and printers.

The wireless network lets you access your computer files, and makes it easy to synchronize data with a computer. Sending files between computers to a wireless network is much easier than sending them via e-mail or even copying them to a CD.

In addition, you can connect your printer, you can print, print, and move from one printer to another computer – printers connected to a computer on the network share automatically between all computers.

Playing Games.

You may have seen an option in your favorite game to play on the LAN. Well, wireless networks are local networks (LAN), which means that your entire family can play this game together – without having to have computers. It is much better to play against real people than to play against random people online, let alone the game will work much faster. You can even invite your friends to share their computers and share – “LAN Party”!

An added advantage is that you can easily connect your game console or your child online, and start playing online. It’s much easier to play online using Xbox or PlayStation 2 connected wireless rather than connecting to the modem at a time.

Always available.

One of the key factors in making it easier to operate Internet connections without ever having to call them. Well, wireless networks always allow network connections, which means that you can connect to the Internet whenever you want! You can take laptops from room to room and it does not matter – they will always have access to them. In addition, there is no need to set up a user name and password system, where wireless networks work without logging in. It’s very comfortable!

No more wiring.

This, of course, is the biggest reason why you switch your network to a wireless network. Wires are uncomfortable, expensive, ugly and dangerous – you will feel happy to see them back.

The average Ethernet cable does not cost much of a meter, but once you’ve bought it, it tends to add quickly. Not only that, but if you want to run between walls or floors, you have to hit the holes in the walls. I know a lot of people in the market who had to keep their network until they became wireless. Through wireless networks, you can also eject the computer from the outside, if you want it!

No more wires also mean no more spaghetti around the ground and at the corners. This not only enhances the safety of your home, it also makes it easier for you to be exposed to it. when you move. This also means that you do not have to check your Internet connection.

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